Friday, September 28, 2007

not a photographer.

okay, i tried again and the flash is off and it is on macro focus and this is still all the better it turned out. it is white gold and diamond and i love it. we will get married next aug. 9th. no plans have been made since we cannot seem to figure out what we want. i want a very small, very casual ceramony. i would rather have everyone get together and eat. food is much more fun. it is very HOT and humid here in august though so that is the major downfall, but i am stuck on the date and so is mike. that is the first time we kissed and have been together ever since so we consider it our anniversary already. it is also mikes b-day. yes, i am fully aware that my hands are terrible. i will post some pics of caluses from sewing one of these days. they are truly amazing. my fingers have grown 1/2 a ring size since doing upholstery also. very hard on the hands....................... i guess i can't have perfect everything. ha ha....................................

my happy shop

this is the neatest cactus (om my desk). i has a purple flower on top. we have lots of other plants which we are replacing with more extra neat cactus because we cannot seem to keep them alive.
this is the happy mike which planted the happy cactus which thrived in the used pot that sat on the secondhand desk that was in the office of the happy upholstery shop in the town of the woman that makes it all happen and happy. (that jack built................................)


uncustomized seats
this is the paint job nearly finished. it went back to the paint shop for finishing and a backwindow today.

55 ford truck

here are some "after" pictures of the truck we finished today. it is a 55 ford. the owners were very happy with their choices. it turned out great!
this is the headliner. very hard to do cloth in these trucks
we created the back wall and headliners and door panels there were none.
plush 40 oz carpet-
these are the door and kick panels. yep, they line up to eachother at the door hinges- cause we are awsome!

my ring/tommy bahama cushions

i tried to get a good picture, but this was the best i could do.................

these are tommy bahama patio cushions. top of the line baby............

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

my enthusiastic leader

the referee asked all of the players who wanted to be a leader. without hesitation, jule raised his hand (the only child who did) and was squirming to say seated saying me, me, me. Jule, you may be the leader. Jule got up and ran to the center to do the coin toss and led the team with no problem. no surprises there.................... he is mine!

more pics

this is my house from the front
this is my beautiful mail box that mike painted for me because i hated the other one.
owen made me this sign last year "mom you hav a grate wrek. mom's good " tranlslation, i love my son sooooooooooo much.
this is my newly yellow laundry room. left over paint from owen and jules room. i love it yellow.. much happier laundry doing!
the front of my house from the other side.

picture requests granted...........

you probably can't see my ring, but i have tried to get a good picture and it just shows up shiny and blinding. i will keep trying. this is in front of my house. mike and i were going to dinner with a friend (this never happens, very exciting)
the jule man, showing off his extremely cool halloween socks (again, in my front yard)
ian sitting on the back porch listening to his i pod. the kids swing set. this is the back of my yard
this is the front of my back yard and my house from the rear. the workshop is on the left with the swing in front of it then the pool house with the chimney and the main house is the right. the porch is in the middle of the house and pool house.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


since i lost four hours of work yesterday due to being sick (exhaustion plays really bad games with my body these days) i have had quite a bit to catch up on today. last night we got a real rain. it rained thursday night for a bit at the kids game, but not for all night. it actually rained all night and most of the morning today. amazing. my cactus will be beautiful tomorrow. owen and jule spent the day here with me working and have had fun, judging by the amount of dirt on their bodies and clothing............. nikki had her first cross-country meet in the rain this morning. she placed 13th out of 60 girls (6-8th graders). she was second in her school. she was pretty happy about it. she has decided that she will play volleyball next year instead though. so, for all of you that keep up with jovi's page, you will remember the ninja page she had up earlier this week. owen and jule spend much of their time here playing make-beleive using scraps of whatever i have on the floor at the time. today it was selvege edges of tommy bahama fabric i was making patio furniture out of. they made scarves and mittens and belts and necklaces out of it. jule runs in and says "owen, we can be ninjas". i said, oh are you good ninjas? jule says" no, we are real ninjas. Owen, lets be invisible ninjas........." so i had to giggle thinking of zion earlier this week. apparently, ninja fever has spread country-wide affecting those under 8 everywhere. watch out, your neighborhood could be struck next. it is 75 degrees here right now. i am wearing jeans for the first time this season. i put my comfortor on the bed last night also. i bought it last year, but it was too warm to put on. fall is approaching.......................

Friday, September 21, 2007

u-12 soccer game

ian and nikki had a game last night. nikki played goalie the entire game and got to do a goalie kick once (the only time she got to touch the ball). ian was a foward and did quite well, then played full back and did a great job there as well. they won 8-0 and played in the rain (a rare event here) the whole game. no pictures because i forgot the camera here, but it probably would have been ruined in the rain anyway.

yep, becka rocks!

I made this top yesterday to match the seats in the rhino. (i did the seats while i worked for jet trim months ago....) the rhino belongs to todd who is the owner of black rhino here in town. this is his personal one he takes to shows to show off their products. i do the tops for them so it is good advertising for me as well. too bad you can't tell how cool the inset panel vinyl is in the picture. it is carbon fiber which is so neat looking.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ah yes, we do work.............

owen and jule are counting "60" straps. owen is counting and jule is intently watching. it is a huge deal to get to "help work" at the shop. they help count lots of things..............
Owen got to help Mike install this awning over this pool today. a water main broke so there was no school for the entire town.
this is 15' by 18.5' fun to sew and install! yep, we do it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more halloween socks

owen loves his socks!

Mainline Welding or "big orange"

Jule is planning plays for his teammates. i am not kidding. this is totally serious. Jule made two goals and his best friend Fabian (on the left) made one!
This is "goalie". he is a soccer dog and goes to the games every week. his dad is a referee. the kids are in love with him (he is bigger than they are!)

Here is a better picture of the "tigers" jule is #8.

Monday, September 17, 2007

bass tracker

mike refloored and carpeted this boat (which is not easy, beleive it or not) and i did the seats. it turned out nice. there are lots of storage lockers in these boats and that is what makes them so challenging to carpet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a happy boy

this is owen at jules game. he is not having a good time at all, obviously......... owen loves to have pictures taken of himself and taking pictures. he is a funny boy.

Big Soccer Player

This is Jules soccer team. he is on Douglas' Main Line Welding team. he is making uncle Douglas proud. Jule scored the first goal of the game yesterday and his best friend (Fabian) scored the second. Fabian is the black haired boy on the left sticking out most. Jule is the biggest kid on the team (no suprises there.).....................

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

this is what i did today. i do things for a company here in town that does custom window treatments and pillows, bedspreads that sort of thing. i love the terra cotta colored ones. they are ruffled bolsters................... the pattern is called spiral fire!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the winning spirit

this is nikki and ian after winning their first soccer game for the season. they both played really well. jule is a happy spectator! his first game is tonight!!!!


this is a cover/bimini duo that i worked on last week. i designed it myself to match their upholstery.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

fun feet

these are my favorite shoes right now (when i have to wear tennis shoes). aren't they wonderful. i will be 31 tomorrow. feel free to send birthday wishes. i am a huge fan of wishes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


owen does not get fruit often. he is enjoying his cantalope here, a big treat for him. notice his snoopy halloween socks. he loves funky socks. he is really quite stylish in his 7 year old way. fred (aka Fuzzy) is in the bottom corner.

work, work, work

Fountain Pictures