Saturday, January 24, 2009

some work photos to prove i am still here!

midget race car- i did the seat. turned out great - it was my second one, i have another coming in this week and then a bigger one after that.

interior of the chevy nomad i told you about. i made these patterns myself. there were none. we fabricated the door panels too since they were trash.

we used perforated imatation suede and tuck and rolled it, and black tweed and teal welt to set off the paint job.

this is the outside of the car.

a few pics for ya

jule and his friend austin (yes, they are the same age) got to go to delbert days together and catch some fish. they had a blast.

jule today hanging out at the shop with mom.
what my house looks like at 6:15am. breakfast and off to school

don't tell jule he's not trash! he was keeping warm this morning.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

what is and what should never be

the light of my life. three times over. can you tell how happy they are to be here?

what it means to be my child. (yes, they do get paid for this). 5$ an hour actually. they are breaking me.

at their favorite place on earth right now.

romo at his greatest. he had no idea i was throwing peices on him. that dog sleeps like the dead.

i had to take a picture to share with all of you how truly cool i am. not everyone can pull this look off (im pretty sure i can't either ha ha )

Friday, January 9, 2009

a little light running.

i really wanted to get a run in yesterday before i had to take ian to life coaching so i went to pick up the boys from school to see if jule wanted to come with me. (he usually does). so, we head out for our run which we have to hurry since we are on a time schedule. jule bug was mr. dramatic that his legs hurt, his skin was itchy and he kept yelling "im sure glad you don't love me" when i ignored him and just kept encouraging. he did grab my hand and run "holding hands" with me and would be just as happy as he could telling me about school until he ran out of things to say for the moment and would remeber that he was being dramatic. we made it thorough (he keeps track of the time on his watch and tells me how much longer we have) and was just as happy and bouncy as ever when we finished but did proclaim "i am surprised i am alive" at the end. well there you go jule bug, a little drama takes you a long way. he then came with me to ians app. and read a book with me then ate 5 peices of pizza for dinner. ian and owen do not like to run so much so they opt to stay home for that. they will only come when they can ride their bikes.

Monday, January 5, 2009

an afternoon with aunt robin

the short people on ettes floor playing with their christmas presents which they insisted on bringing in. they played the entire way home with them too. i am very happy to have them back again. jule bug crawled in bed for hugs this morning.

tyler (one of ians friends) came to phoenix with me. he and ette are being super cool for their photo.
"a dog" cut "o dogs" hair. owen is very particular and won't let many people cut his hair, but he was excited to let aaron. he is happpy with the results too. my cool boy.

the volkswagon headliner has nothing to do with robin and aaron but mike did it and it is really cool. most have wooden ceilings in them. this is really time consuming to put in but it looks bitchin!

before and after

aaron took about 6 inches off my hair yesterday. he layered it a bit and gave me bangs. i am going for younger. so far everyone likes it. what do you think?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

off for the short people

the jule bug called me at 7:30 this morning to see when i was coming to get him. i said i will see you tomorrow and he replied "it is tomorrow". i will have one happy little boy in the morning. he loves his mama. the other two love me too, but couldn't care less about seeing me today or tomorrow as long as they can call me on the phone. ians friend tyler is coming with me tomorrow so ian will be surprised to see him ( i will pick tyler up at 5am then we will leave). i am very happy to be getting them as two weeks is a long time for me not to hear boy stories. school starts back up tomorrow so we will be chickens running again soon. i have gotten caught up on my sleep though and lots of reading done. mike and i are going to a friends house for dinner then home to sit by the fire and go to bed.

a superpower called "kellly"

i am go grateful to my friend kelly. she came over last night and today to show me how to run the peachtree program that does the accounting for the business. i have been so stressed out because my computer knowledge doesn't extend much past keeping in tough with people and shopping, but kelly got me schooled and i am soooooooooooooooooo happy. i can do my books and get back on track now. the rest is downhill. so on top of being the savior i have much needed, she is also the reason i am not a size 14 anymore (she is my workout partner), runs her boyfriends business (which is much bigger than i can imagine), takes care of her dad and brother and is a great mom. and, is a great friend too- so thanks kelly!