Monday, October 27, 2008

just because you're winning don't mean you're the lucky one

i am in a "kick your ass or anyone elses" mood today. i am listening to the the and guns n roses and love both so much. also thrown into the mix, edie brikell and al stewart. love "time passages" . i can sing this at the top of my lungs and feel great afterwards. so, in the mood to listen to some great stuff, get out the mind bomb cd and listen to kingdom of rain or armageddon days are here again. then, get out some gnr and rock your mind to breakdown. gets me happy everytime with some coors light bottles. a little white trash goes a long way. and also, the garden is such a great song. get on your boom boxes and rock people.

just like a hooker she said "nothing for free" i tried to see it your way............

yep, another one.
sophie chicken and i hard at work, or something close to it.

kick and terry and dicks son rick. i LOVE this pic. totally rocks.

our vago motercycle. did the seats awhile back and now the cane holder is added on back. yep, pretty cool.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

sea snail exchange

when we went to phoenix to pick up the boys from eric, we had to do a sea snail exchange. we went to see robin and aaron to get their aquarium fully stocked with the critters and the boys are so happy.
ette looking pretty as always.

in front of their tiny little apartment. it is so small that is is easier to sit outside.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

dylan the great

i have a customer named dylan who is 4 years old. his uncle works at shimmer marine and i have known for a few years now. dylan won a back pack in a bike a thon at preschool awhile back and the strap was broken the first time he used it. dylans uncle brought me the back pack and i fixed it and returned it. dylan came in with the most wonderful thank you card and it is still on my wall. well, the backpack broke again in another spot so in he came with it himself this time. i fixed it and he was thrilled. so he came in a few minutes ago with brownies, a ghost he made from his foot and some googly eyes for halloween and a card he made himself. he is such a thankful and wonderful boy. it is nice to see parents teaching their kids to say thankyou. that is my feel good story of the day.

a nip in the air

i am a bit chilly today. i have on an overshirt but am still chilly. i do have shorts on though. the first feel of fall has arrived. it is nice inside with the doors open and the plants are perking up a bit. my roses are happier. i go to get the boys tomorrow in phoenix and will see ette also. she wants us to come pick up an aquarium. i am not sure which one. i am ready for the boys to come back home, i miss them peeking their heads around corners to see where i am and waking up to jule douglas hogging the bed. he comes in at some point of the night. i tuck him in in his bed and he wakes up in mine more often than not. between the dogs and kids it is amazing that i fit in bed still. sometimes i don't. mike and i went out to dinner with dad and patti last night and are going out with terry (dick's brother) tonight. everyone wants to see us when we are a crowd of 2 rather than 5-7. i had better get back to my gazebo i am working on. hope you are all having a wonderful saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

lazy doggies and cool chairs

mike upholstered these a few days ago. i sewed the seat cushions he did the rest himself. he made double welt and all. he did a beautiful job. mike loves to do furniture.
we are changing out the centers and welt on these seats (for obvious reasons) and the doggies are in love with them. the lepard print is fuzzy so it is like a cozy bed.

cool stuff.

this is a top/back end enclosure i did last week. it turned out really nice and the customers are happy.
there is quite a bit of work in these. there are no raw edges on the inside so window and all is finished off. very nice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

human viewfinder and others.......

inez hard at work. he loves legos and is really good at building. he was spending time here today, made a few bucks picking up dog leftovers and is leaving tomorrow with his brothers for his dads house. it is fall break for their schools. one week off. jule bug invented his human viewfinder. he said he can see the view better inside his cannon.
mike making a cane holder for a motercycle. it has to have green welt since it is a vago caneholder. we do all projects here.

the rainbow crew

this is the best shot i could get of all four of them at the same time. they LOVE eachother and are constantly playing and having a ball. big, small, any color we love them all.