Friday, August 14, 2009

jule douglas

so jule has his fund raiser paperwork sitting on the counter when i get home and i ask him what this is. he replies "something, i need to sell 125 items". so i say okay, what are you selling. "i don't know but there is a catalog and i need to sell 125 items." so he goes next door and no one is home yet (this is 3 pm), and comes back then i tell him he can go anywhere in the neighbor hood as long as he is home before we leave for class. he goes to my parents where he says no one is home but someone is sewing. he rang the door bell and knocked then just walked in and saw that the door was closed where the noise was coming from so figured that he should leave. (i called my mom no one was there so i don't know what he heard). funny boy. so then, he goes to the neighbors across the street. he gets one to look at his catalog, then comes home to get his order sheet. i asked "what are you doing" ? he says "getting the order form because i didn't bring it". i asked why not since he needed it for ordering to which he replied" i don't know, i have never done this before, but i thought about it in 1st grade (last year). " i almost died laughing. so there goes jule douglas in his 'my grandma got me this tee shirt in tennessee' shirt with the hearts on it, his flip flops which are a size too big for him and his olive shorts across the street with his order form (he left the neighbor in the carport with the order form). he then came back with the completed form but no check so i had to send him back a third time. he is on the program now. my funny boy. he informed me that he only needs to sell 81 items now and wants to know what i am getting. he is trying to earn an electric guitar. he showed me the picture.