Thursday, July 30, 2009

look how cute ette and aaron are.

the race car seat that nearly made me cry.

the cutest couple ever

these dune buggy seats were hours and hours, but the customer was thrilled.

another view of the race car seat, he loved it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

to the lake we go

we went to laughlin and back yesterday in marios boat. the best part was the gorge of course though.

petroglyphs behind the jumping rock

under the bridge at topok. is is so cool up here.

jazmin jumping off the cliff. it was freaking cold.

okay, rachel. here is a pic for you. i am now a size 7/8 and bordering a 6. exercise is worth it. not a great pic, but you get the idea. big change from last year.

jule and owen love to practice their moves on eachother. the trampoline is a softer landing place.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

robin i am here.

so you want a new blog. i will post pics soon. my camera is either dead or i bought a bum battery. that is soon to be discovered, but in the meantime all is well or at least appears to be. we are working like crazy but the boys are gone to erics for 3 weeks so i am taking full advantage of the extra time to not cook and whatnot. i have been working out in all of my free time and the results are worth it. i am happy with myself again (finally), and am working on being more explosive now. i am having a hard time eating enough calories to sustain this much excersize though so i have to get on that so i don't look like a gross person and loose too much weight. no one wants their veins to pop out. our sensie from the arevelo academy will be in cambodia for the next 2 weeks so today is my last private lesson for a bit. the fighters will be leading my regular class so that will be fun. they always push us really hard which is great. i have to get my work boards reorganized in the next couple of days because i have to showboat for referralls thurday and it is time to get some new pics up anyway. so all in all, i am a crazy person staying busy, but its always been like that anyway. so, i guess all is normal.