Thursday, July 31, 2008


to the tune of tom petty.................. today is just another day in the life- it is after 9, i am just finishing and will be back at them tomorrow. i punched a wall today, smoked a cigarette (can't remember the last time i did) and cried lots. i am totally stressed out. just a bad day i guess. tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

keep animals not people.........

i am not allowed to keep people anymore so i am making up for it with animals. i got a new puppy today, a black lab that is 10 weeks old. male. we are thinking of a name for him still. i also got a bunny last week which came from a home in phoenix and the girl couldn't keep him anymore since she downsized houses, so i elected to take him. the bunnys name was chopper, but now it is bobby since we didn't think that chopper was an appropriate bunny name. mike just informed me that the puppys name is romo. so, we now have ahna (german shepared and ridgeback mix from the pound), fred ( miniture schnauzer i paid too much for but fell in love with), chicken (sophie, but i hate that name she is a toy poodle that belongs to the people up the street but i have all the time) , romo (akc registered black lab (( got for 100$ today)) and bobby the bunny from phoenix. the kids are going to love it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

back up and at em

we still have no picture maker that works, but i am back online. my computer came back today, we needed a new harddrive. we have one now and i am very impressed with the guy (mike allen) who fixed it for us. we had a wonderful time in vail with the family. i have poison oak or something similar from my ankles to midcalves that totally iches and is terrible and giving me scabs and sores, but other than that i am unscaved. we hiked a 4.6 mile trail up the moutain from 8300 ft to 10300 ft and it was wonderful. i ran, tubed with my cousins kids ( i got the oldest tuber award) and biked into town. mike and i both loved the time spent with everyone. we are super busy here at work, have more to do than we are capable of and are getting married in a week and a half. aug. 9th at 11am at pelican point in pismo. we just scheduled it today. no big deal, just making it happen. i will catch up soon with pics and more info, just wanted to put a big "hey we are alive" out there and hope you are all doing great!

Monday, July 14, 2008

kingman race

kelly and i ran in kingman saturday morning. it was the del e webb wellness run (5K). short, but fun. it was such a nice day too because the weather is cooler up there (it was 77 at 6:30 when we started). the humidity was high (94%), but the coolness was a nice break. we ran the havasu 5K course this morning which is much harder. it is out at sara park and all up and down, no straight parts. nice run though. it always feels nice to finish something difficult. we are getting business from the website already. one guy said that was how he found us and he is a californian. my roof at the house is finished short of the new swamp cooler going on that we are waiting for and mike let me pay a guy to clean the yard up of all of the shingles since i have a fractured back, so i did. (toothless ralph) did a great job, cleaned the entire yard and swept under my oleanders. i would recommend him to anyone. he was very honest and came back even though i paid him before he finished. the guys doing my pantry were there all weekend and only have to texture and paint before they finish hanging the shelves. i am very excited about the extra space i am going to have! we are going to vail on thursday for uncle jack and aunt joannes 50th wedding anniversary. we will have fun up there and get to see lots of family we haven't gotten to see for a long time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

not a big fat whiner baby!

so i have thought for the last few weeks that i am a big fat whiner baby and my back just hurts. we have been stripping off my roof and loading it for the last few weeks (as well as working and running) so i just thought my back hurts and it will get better. well, that is not the case. i finally broke down monday and went to my dads chiro (which i never have because you have to make and appointment) and it was the best thing i have ever done. i fractured a disk in my spine and it was not healing itself because it was so messed up and i haven't laid off of it. so, i can still run (but not with the dog) and no more roof stripping or lifting with my back. only leg lifting. he said i am very lucky that i did not break it. so , back tomorrow, i already feel better, but it does hurt. it is a changed hurt now though and not a stagnant one. so i am running a 5K (tiny fun run) in kingman this saturday and am not going to be a whiner baby and not go. if i am going to run in december, i have to keep going. half marathon in vegas in december. kelly and i are going to run it together.

more pics

mona and jimee. mike loves his grandmother and the times with her are getting so rare. she is in wyoming.
mona and the girls in her hometown of huleitt, wy
jimee and jazmin in llano, tx, their hometown. jimee will be 18 next month and jazmin will be 15 in september. amazing that they are so big. all of our kids are growing despite our efforts of making them stay small.

some pics for ya'll

mike and i with his parents (beverly and kurt) in janices house in texas. no, i am not kidding.
jimee and jazmin with mike at jimees graduation party. jazmin and her date for prom isn't she hot!!!! now this i a picture right up my alley. way to go jazzy girl!

Saturday, July 5, 2008


for those of you who do not know (which is all of you), i do have a website. it is go there, look at stuff. let me know what you think. it is brand new and i have a few things to have the person fix, like pictures in the wrong catagories, repeat pics (but that is not her fault, i just gave her a disk and said go for it). i will have her fix the small stuff as soon as i can get her the information in a format she will know what to do with. other news is that a man by the name of jack stanfield stopped by to see me today. very interesting conversation. he is 83, owned an architecture firm in california for years with 500 employees, is a writer and loved to play tennis. he designed the velvet turtle resturant/ bars in california, lots of houses............. anyway, have any of you heard of him. seems to be a neat man. i guess he likes me. he says he can tell i am honest, so i am not sure what that means yet.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

ya think?

so it has been brought to my attention, as well as my sister (rachel at home) that i need a new blog. so you can check us both out with new material. my photo printer is still not in action which is the reason for my lapse in material. this by no means, that my life is lacking material to write about. i am listening to big audio dynamite and cake right now which is nearly enough information in itself to appreciate my state of mind at the moment. i am so busy, but happy to be so, my shop is s production centerfold. we are so the " playmate of the month" of the industrial upholstery world. 4th of july is a huge deadline in our world. there are more crazies that are ready to show off their wares on the lake (done by us (( yeah, baby)) ) for this holiday than i can explain. i have several "big name" boats here this week which i gladly take in fit in because their pocket books are deeper than mine. one is a motercycle superstar with a cool boat. he came in with his daughter which was really cool. anyway, i will give you more food for thought after i fill my belly with some as i am STARVING and in need of something other than string cheese and grapes/carrots to make my 5:15 run in the morning. so, will post more later! love, me