Thursday, February 28, 2008


i have the flu in my bones and it is terrible. i threw up all morning and am still sick to my stomach. i have a fever and too much work. i am going home now because i have to or i will die, but i have a cover i have to finish tomorrow so i am going to take some theraflu and go to sleep. i took the daytime one all day and i really does help. i couldn't make it through the day otherwise. please send me some good vibes for finding another capable sewer. i need some help so i can get more done. i just finished up 10 rv cushions a bit ago and got my wrangs cut for my cover. i also have an outdoor kitchen cover to do tomorrow. the big cover is for a pontoon so i hope it will go quickly. hope you are all having a good night. wish me well!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i ain't got no money....

its to the tune of van halen i ain't got nobody, but much more truthful with i ain't got no money. i can easily run through 2,000 a day with supplies and whatnot. crazy! i am working my " " off with no results. i would like to work my ass off, but that is not happning either. every time i turn around, i see it! so, i am still booking in new jobs, finishing old and current ones, one day it will all catch up. i think i am still not charging enough, but i don't want to be unaffordable either. damn business decisions. what happened to the light at the end of the tunnel or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Monday, February 25, 2008

watch out playboy, here comes becka jean

he he he he. so, want a picture of what i really look like. this is me, yep, hair looking great from working on canvas all day, makeup worn off from a whole day of rushing, and yet another full boat job booked, a bimini finished and another nearly done, several boat seats done, a firepit repaired and taken back, taxes dropped off, picked up and sent off, businesses of the month visited and cards picked up and many many estimated on phone and in person completed. and thats just what ive' done. we've got 4 other people here. yep, hired me another boy today to help mike and josh. still no prospects for me. i am looking though. you all should know that i stayed home yesterday. no, i am not kidding. i did it to clean terrys house for her. she is moving and i wanted to make sure she got her deposit back, so i am not sure it counted as a day off, wait- i did sleep until 10:00 am though! now that is a day off in and of itself.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

going back to go foward

so we have a customer that has a problem with decision making. so, we have been working on his boat seats which i finished really quickly but he has gotten rid of the back to backs and opted for custom captains chairs. we are now finishing them up (finally) after building two totally differnt sets and making several changes to each set. he couldn't decide what he wanted. so, that is what i did today. remake new skins for the new set. i think these are the ones in his head though. we can build anything, but we have to know what people want. if they can't tell us, we wind up doing the over and over thing which doesn't serve well by time or money. on the upside, i did book in several more jobs today. still looking for someone to help here.

so , the picture is of the new style he has decided on and i will be tomorrow to work on some other projects. it is cold here so i am going home to feed my short people and make a fire in the fireplace!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

my son

this is how owen came back from the dentist tonight (which i forgot about, sent terry to take the boys and she forgot her purse, so we had a payment fiasco on top of the rest of the day). he got these lovely glasses (with attached nose and gratituous booger). he is very proud. needless to say, so am i.

i am not a bad mom i swear!

so yeserday i made it out to an estimate at the rv park for an outdoor kitchen cover and they added on roll- up shades to go with it. then, their friends wanted a cover, etc, etc. so on top of my slammed schedule, i am still getting new jobs to add in (good ones too)- i am by no means complaining. so in the midst of my daily crazieness, terry calls me to tell me she is pulled over by the police (thank god, wound up being a good friend of hers) and i need to get the van and go straight to the dmv. so, i spent my morning figuring out why my plates wern't registered to any vehicle, the registration i have been paying (for the last 3 years) is for a vehicle that doesn't exsist, why there is an intent to sale notice put in on the vehicle and why it is not registered for hiway use. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? so, comes down to mvd made some mistakes, but of course they didn't do it. so, i had to pay fees and re-register so i put out 283$ yesterday. day goes on, i get more boat jobs, more patio furniture jobs and more screens to bid out. okay, today i had my referrals meeting at 6:30, went to do my bid, got the job, and they want to add on an enclosure for their boat, so while i was there i get a call from the school principal and she has jule in her office for me to pick up. he is suspended for the day. he was wrestling with one of his friends, was told by the teacher 2ce to stop, yelled "no", then when the teacher went to separate the boys, he shoved her. so, jule has been in trouble here all day. i couldn't be more proud. oh, and i got that job, and have another to bid tomorrow morning, just booked an entire motorhome and another outdoor kitchen cover and that doensn't include the shades, cars, biminis or 5 other boats on the schedule by the 15th of march. i need help, or more hours in the day, or children that behave or a mvd with their act together. any combination of these would be great. oh- and they are doing the sewer at my house and took down my fence out back behind my bedroom for access to the septic tank. so, i closed the pool gate last night so the dogs couldn't get out. mike opened it for them to pee, and didn't think to close it again as we never do, but forgot about the fence being down. so about 4 am he wakes up, goes "oh shit" and starts looking for the dogs. luckily, he got a call by 7 am from some employees at sterilite (a few blocks and across the wash away) that they have the dogs. they have both been sleeping under the table all day. they must have had the time of their lives. and also, i have to wash my hair tonight because i was too tired the last 2 nights and now it is so greasy on top i had to wear a hat to work to be presentable. i am very cute in a hat though. lucky for me and my lazy no shower taking self. he he. to all a good night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wind storm

this is a chair mike upholstered himself sunday. he did a great job
this is what is looked like outside 15 minutes ago. yep, that is one of my awnings upside down on the ground. the bimini frames on the center boat out back are totally swaying and it is pretty scary. big things are blowing everywhere.
this is the dogs watching the wind and rain storm . they are desert dogs. this is very strange for them.

canadian boat

we did the bimini, frame, enclosure, full upholstery and a potty closet on this boat.
this is looking out. it is mulit-seasonal, screen windows with removable glass for winter (glass is jeep plastic 30 guage)
captains chair
potty closet. yep, them canadians won't jump in that cold water up there to pee, (can't say i blame them)
this is the potty closet closed. totally stealth.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

rush rocks

ECHOS WITH THE SOUND OF SALESMEN, SALESMEN.........................................

and the words of the prophets were written on the subway walls, and concert halls!

rockin guitar solo right here..

22+ days and counting, or not.....

okay, so i am so swamped that i am just shakey and nightmareish, but hope is out there. i thouight of a girl i worked with at tammys (she quit and told tammy she is a bitch and needs to learn how to treat people), but i love her and she can sew off patterns, which i can make for her or she can sew redo's which i don't have to create. so, i called my brother to call her brother so i can get her phone # wish me luck. she would be of great help to me.............. isn't there a loverboy song called working for the weekend? want a peice of my heart, you better start from the start, want to be in the show come on baby lets go............................

Friday, February 15, 2008

rhino enclosure

i have worked 20 days in a row right now. i by no means mean 8 or 9 hour days. i have been leaving when i can't stand up anymore. i hired a girl to help me, she came in for 2 days, said she was coming the last 2 and i still have yet to see her. i think the pace i keep (and expect others to keep) is a problem. i do not like a 2 hour job to last 8 or more and if you say you can sew, damnit, you better know what you are doing. so many people think that sewing entails having a pattern and making it. that is not the case in this business. we make our own patterns, and make everything from nothing. so, i am trying to keep up this schedule by myself, with mike and josh doing all but sewing and patterning. i am so tired, (see beautiful picture below of me)................ i have happy customers though and am booming along with new customers and repeat old ones. the picture is of a rhino enclosure i finished today. it is much harder than it looks. so many things involved with making these. anyway, i have to get back to work. i have upholstery for a boat to finish tonight.
details,,,,,,,,,,,, roll up windows, wind flap underneath, removeable panels to use indepentally or alone, easy access in and out, flaps to cover zippers....................

this is me after 20 days of working. yep, i am so beautiful. every mans dream. cold, tired and totally windblown. (the cold and wind picked up yesterday and have yet to subside)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

back again

owen had his birthday and now i am back. he had a great day with his dad and miss diane and got 5 new lego sets for his birthday and got to eat lots of salad and pizza for dinner. he is a happy 8 year old boy. he informed me that i needed to stop growing tonight. i don't think that is a great thing to tell your mom. it felt about as good as when jule informed me that i needed to learn how to hug because i do it too hard. these things fall into the catagory "ways to make your moms day". my mouth is hurting so badly. it hurts to eat, it hurts to not eat, it just hurts constantly now. i am going to the dentist monday, so hopefully he will be able to help me out. my gums have been a problem since i started nursing and got continually worse each child, now i have already had them grafted once and they are fully receeded again. i have tried everything. my mouth just hurts. anyway, i have to go work so i can go home sometime. i am forgetting what it looks like there. i will be back again in the morning.

sick and tired

for those of you playing jovis game, i have a ninetys one for you-- i am fairly certain my sisters will get it right away.

i'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.............

okay, yep, i am tired. i have not taken a day off yet, have not gone home on time and am so busy that i did hire another sewer yesterday. i worked until 9 yesterday and am back here for more today. i have an enclosure to build on a rhino today. i built an enclosure on a side car of a motercycle day before yesterday and a tanno cover and reupholstered a seat for a car company in town that needed to "make the sell". i have boat upholstery to finish and a boat cover to make and i made a cover and two bags for the guys across the street from me last night. they are the creators of the "toy gator". it is an outdoor kitchen that attaches to the back of your toy hauler. they have pattened it and are now in production and it is taking off, so, cool that i get to make the covers for them. so that is the tired part...........

i get sick when i am tired or hungry, have been for years now. i dry heave which sucks because it hurts and it is hard to stop. so, i am eating tacos right now (my favorite breakfast) to try to feel better then i am hard at it sewing the day away. it is owens birthday today. we will go to dinner at 7 to celebrate.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

yes, we are alive!

ian making his wish for his birthday! he got lego sets which he wanted and stayed up until 2am putting them together. owen wanted exactly the same thing as ian, his birthday is this saturday (the 9th).
1930 model A. we made the door panels, kick panels, head liner, back liner, carpet........... we altered the seat also. mike rocks the alterations and custom creating

audencia watching me sew! she loves to sit and watch everything i do.

in other news, we filmed a "business spotlight" for the local televsion station yesterday. i will try to get copies to send to you that can't watch it here. we are slammed and i need another sewer. know anyone?????????

Saturday, February 2, 2008

11 years old

ian is 11 today. he had a basketball game today and had fun with that. they lost by one point. we are going to dinner later. here are jule and owen. ian is holding something in his hand but it is NOT what it looks like in the picture.