Saturday, December 27, 2008

its officially winter

see my wonderful mushroom heater. this is the "big dog" of my heaters and makes my world and okay place to be this time of year. it is in the mid thirties in the morning and when the sun goes down. we can't feel our fingers without it because the walls are cinderblock and the floor is concrete. the picture of the dogs is under the heater, they hang out there during the day because it is warmer under the nice wonderful heater......... dick and terry got back from california today. dick has on his new hat his son got him. it is one from "kid rock" which dicks son rick knows, so dick thinks that cool. his son was the shop manager for west coast choppers for the last 4 years (which is where my stickers came from) so dick got to meet some cool people . he is 74 and wants to be 30 so bad he makes me laugh. anyway, he loves his hat. terry brought over some money today and informed me that i am making prime rib tomorrow and he will be over at 11 to watch the game with mike. i am also to make baked potatoes, broccoli and some bread, so i will be going to the store momentarily to get these items so i can cook tomorrow. i love these guys though. they make me laugh everyday.

Friday, December 26, 2008

after the gold rush...........

love that song. but lately i feel that things are slipping out of control and i dream of getting them tided back up. i'm not sure what the future holds, but change seems to be in store. my dreams have been so amazing that i want to jump in. anyways, some days i am happy and some days just out of my mind with things to worry about and take care of. the boys are gone and my body is crying for sleep so hopefully i will all caught back up. i still have one more week of only mothering animals. i miss the kids terribly when they are not here though. i miss waking them up and tucking them in and them telling me stories................. anyways, have a happy holiday weekend.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

merry christmas boys!

here is your present from mommy. let me know what its name is. it is a really nice looking girl. love you boys!

a bit from ettes wedding

mom came from germany, brad from seattle, memaw and papaw from louisiana, aunt brenda from oklahoma, rachel and laine from california, the bridesmaids from louisiana (and they are worth talking about) it was just wonderful. robin and aaron were truely fabulous and so much fun. it was a great wedding and i was happy to be there.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

the jule bug

jule refers to himself as "the jule bug". he will call me (quite often) and i will ask who could this be, and he always says it's the jule bug mom.! he is my 7 year old truly happy, fun loving , animal loving, family loving, mommy loving, antagonistic, prank playing, brilliantly smart, music playing singing, unusually stong, interested in everything child. i can't beleive he wasn't supposed to be here. thank god for the vectomy reversing itself. i can not imagine our lives without this crazy child in it. he is so truely wonderful.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

willy in his element.

this is my dear friend willy. he stayed here last night with me to try to get one of my 4 brokend machines running. he built machines for striping tape and has a phenomenal mind. this is his first attempt at sewing machine repair. we got it to work last night and he will be back to try to time it this morning. we took the whole damn machine apart and i learned so much about how it runs and how the gears work, pretty cool.

this is what jule looked like after his run.

they boys just before the island trip.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

the pit of despair

thats where i am. on the stretcher to see how much pain i can take at once. i can hear the cracky old voice whispering "the pit of despair" in my ear. my long arm died this morning and my other machine quit in the middle of a seam this afternoon. they can't go to vegas until thursday and my other two i just got are not ready for the job. they need some loving from the machine doctor also. so, looks like 4 machines will be on their way to vegas thursday, i will be preparing things to sew and selling jobs. jule had a soccer game at 5:30 today which we were told about at 4 and the other two went to mma (jule had to miss because of his game) at 5 and it is so cold i can't feel my fingers outside and the phone is ringing constantly and people are walking in the door like crazy, why you ask? cause my customer service and turn around rock, so see how well it goes over that i can produce NOTHING because my tools are all broke. fucking machines. on top of it all, robin is getting married saturday so i don't have any make-up days this week. sunday is out. damnit.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


jule and owen got ahold of a leaky pen today. now we are down 1 soccer uniform (which today was the last game anyway), one pair of pants (with a hole in the knee), i t-shirt and my chair outside the shop (which we did to be cool, but was free). so in hindsight, we are down 1 t-shirt. why would i worry? damn pens.

in and about the news from we and us

my friend sarahs dad has his grandfathers jeep truck which is really cool and in running condition. they came to me to upholster it for them which was really nice that they thought of me for something so sentimental to them. i hope they like it. i think it turned out really clean.

mike has been building all kinds of things as of late, but is doing a mug shelf for an rv right now. really nice people, they are gypsys, go wherever they want whenever they want. must have retired well, have lots of fun toys in tow.

jimee is with us now and will work for us part time and we are encouraging her to get a job for someone else for some real life experience as working for your parents is not always the best as far as feeling responsible goes.

mario and wesley were on a mad light hanging binge yesterday. one of our customers brought us construction lights which are totally cool. we are hanging them outside as out light out there inhibits what we are able to do past dark.

mike upholstered this chair himself (i made the arm covers, big whoop) and did a beautiful job as usual. we like the black and white on this style chair. gave it a nice artsy quality.

we took the boys, jimee, mario and his family and wesley to the parade of lights under the bridge last night. it was fun for all then we went back to our house to make lumpias and mario brought chicken and brats to grill. the boys stayed up late and we had 8 dogs together which all had a ball. we have 4 each now. heather is a vet tech and loves animals as much as i do, probably more actually. she brought home a baby pit bull last night. it is white with black spots so she named her moo. cutest little baby. she spent the evening with me then fell asleep on heathers son christopher. very sweet. christopher and i feel asleep before everyone. i am just not capable of going past 12:30 anymore. i usually only stay up to 11 or so. i liketo go to bed at 9, but who gets to do that with this many kids? it takes me till then to get them in bed.... anyways, all is fine, everyone is good, and all dogs are happy.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


lucky 98 radio station has a dj named star that runs the drive at 5 m-f. she is the single most incapable person that could have been chosen for the job and i am very frustrated daily listening to her stupidity and incompetence. i have called and complained more than once, the problem is that there is not a better station to switch to. so, i think someone should start a new radio station here. voulenteers????