Tuesday, December 29, 2009

its in the mail

so the mail came yesterday and what do you know, there was a long awaited check!!! i can pay all of our bills now (thank god) and am still waiting on the resturant person to make good on her bounced check, but mabye that will happen soon too. we are very fortunate to be so busy with some good jobs, i hope this continues through the year. the boys are with their dad in overguaard playing in the snow and building legos. i have to take the week off from all of my training per chiroprators orders. i have been trying to cut back on the really twisty exercises but i am not healing, i knocked it out of place again and it has been really painful. i thought if i worked through the pain it would just go away, but that is not happening. so, i am off this week from kids and exercise. i would like to get the house finished being cleaned out. last night i didn't make it very far on that though as i laid down to read a bit and fell asleep. it was by the fire though so that was nice. mom sent me a book called gargoyle that i am going to try to finish this week since i have new found time. it seems interesting so far...................

Monday, December 28, 2009

holiday pics

dad in his "christmas shirt and hat". he was very christmasy in his outfit.
the bag i made for mom. i needlepointed this over the last couple of years (yes, i am slow at finishing things) and finally made it into a bag for her. will send it off this week.

the bag. it is all leather (yes, real leather) with upholstery fabric lining. the needlepoint peice is set on leather and is a pocket.

mike and i (notice my way cool fingerless mittens that jovi made me). i wear them all the time.

two excited boys. owen was with his dad so he was not here. jule is very proud of the tie he borrowed from mike to look handsome. he has on his oldest pair of jeans with holes in them and his converse tennis shoes too, but he was looking good buddy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

no lights

with only two days until christmas left, i have determined that there will be no tree this year as we have yet to get it out of the box (fresh ones are fire hazards here in the desert), no lights up as we have not gotten them out either or had the time to put them up regardless, and am still two jackets short of finishing the christmas gifts. we have the girls sent off as of yesterday, but i am running a bit behind on the others. work keeps getting in the way of elfdom. promises of checks in the mail are turning out to be lies so the headache of filing with the courts is lingering over our heads. i am not really feeling the holiday season this year. mike and i will drive jule and ian to williams christmas day. owen is already there and thrilled to be without his brothers for the week. the drive should be pretty as there is much snow that has fallen. i will post pics of the girls bags after they receive them. they are spectacular. everyone here wants one now. including me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

an update

ian hasn't been around for many pictures lately. he is on his own program but doing well and happy. he loves cooking and does so every chance he gets. owen alexander is the most loving and most obstinate child mixed all into one. he loves to stir up his brothers and me then pretend that we are all crazy and he has done nothing. jule douglas just wants to be big like his brothers. he just turned eight last month and told me last night that is really is closer to 9 now. we have been working hard at work. luckily we have been busy.