Friday, November 30, 2007

it's raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, after nearly a year 0f no rain, it is raining today! we have had sprinkles once a few weeks ago, lots of wind and promising clouds that have produced nothing, but not tonight! it is really raining (no, not like louisiana rain), but none the less, still lots for us! my plants will be soooooooooooo happy. my trees need it too.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

jovi- seven odd things about myself

although i find this interesting, i think it would be more fun to list 7 odd things about others...................... but, that is not the game you want me to play

1. i am very peticular about textures of my food. i will not eat butter (or any fake counterparts), mayonaise, soft serve ice cream, whipped cream or anything like that because they are icky in my mouth. i eat my salads dry (with extra crutons) my sandwiches dry and all bread plain. love it that way. i only eat ice cream if it is frozen hard and with a fork (it tastes strange from a spoon)

2. i pick my cuticles with a razor blade (or any other thing that bothers me). i have very bad hands from my job (comes with the territory) so i cut my cuticles out with a razor because it works. i have cut off warts, outed splinters, and love to pick at things. it is truly an addiction, but i can't seem to stop.

3. i don't beleive in baby talking to kids. this annoyes the hell out of me when people do it. they are just small people. my kids all have large vocabularies for their age, and know what they are saying because i have never treated them like they don't know. i call my kids the "short people".

4. i can't stand messes in my life, which is not good, because my whole life is full of mess. 3 kids, 2 dogs, and upholstery............ need i say more. i love all of it though, i am just constantly cleaning.

5. i dry heave lots. i have been doing it for almost 13 years now, have had lots of tests done and am tired of that now. if i am too hot, too cold, tired, just woke up or am stressed out at all i dry heave till i eat bread and get over it. sucks.

6. i am one of the oldest young people you will ever. i do not enjoy going out much, i like to go do things, but not too late. i like to go home and go to bed, i like to clean my house, i love to sew, i love to needlepoint, bake, cook, and read. i love live music and dancing and whatnot, just not late and not so much in a bar anymore.

7. i have hair that grows uncommonly fast. i shave every day and by afternoon, it is back. laser hair removal is in my future, but not for a few years i am afraid. i had one treatment done that i won in a raffle and the difference is amazing. i have the "perfect" hair for it. black and course.

any questions???????????????????????

more trip pictures

this is an old train bridge that rotates to let bigger boats go through! it is no longer in service, but really cool!
"42" is the game of choice at all hall family gatherings. this is mike, papa, uncle art and uncle dennis. mike got schooled and nearly mastered the game in the days we were there. it gets played from sun-up till way past when you should be in bed.
me-yes, i actually got to sit and needlepoint too! amazing! i loved this trip
teresa and i about 20 pounds heavier than the last time we saw eachother, which i will post that picture too, cause this is rediculas! yep, i am now on a diet.

boating southern style

papa took the boys and mike out dorcheat to see the sites and have some fun. they loved it (of course) and it was one of the hilites of the trip. mike was amazed by the moss on the trees and the houses on stilts!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving

we are going to louisiana tomorrow. we are driving to vegas, flying to louisiana then driving to minden. we will be coming home monday night (late). the boys are very excited to be going on a plane and seeing family (and their mom). i am hoping to have a more diluted scheldule after the holidays. most of that is accurately monitoring my booking schedule, which i seem to like to overbook. yep, not a great idea! we have been working so late and not having days off. i feel terrible not seeing my boys. i am looking foward to these next few days with them. i wish all of you a wonderful holiday full of wonderful things to eat. love, becka

Monday, November 19, 2007

buggy seats

these are some seats i just finished to match a paint job on a buggy across the street from me. the owner wanted something neato. i flipping hate buggy seats. i nitpic myself to death with them.


rachel and robin eating wings at lovejoys
the newly engaged couple. douglas rocked out his proposal with style.
rachel at the football game, yes, it was

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the real workers

mike and dad reassembling a leather couch to get out of here. we have so many projects and only so much space....
my "rack man". dad built us this rack today (with the help of little dougie) for us to keep our fabrics that we are using at the moment off the table. we need more space.....
fred, hard at work , as usual.
the boys are all camping with joanne and terry in parker this weekend. there is no school monday so they will have quite the nice time. mike and i have so many things to accomplish before we go to wyoming next weekend, we are not taking a day off. owen won his soccer game this morning, as did ian last night. ians last game was last night, they are the #1 team in their group. they only lost one game all season. afterwards they had a party at the aquatic center and got to swim and have pizza and cupcakes and get their trophies! big business for 10 and 11 year olds. sophie went back home to her mama last night so we are back to 3 dogs now instead of 4. (sophie was the chicken loving toy poodle). great pics of liels birthday jovi! i can't beleive she is two. her quilt is so close. i am a terrible friend, but i will get it finished. i am so bad at finishing anything anymore. for those of you who don't know, nikki is with her uncle now and i am down to 3 kids as of last week, so mabye i will have more time.............................

Monday, November 5, 2007


so terry, joanne and i decide to go kiaking at 4:15 in the morning and had the best time ever and it was great.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

soccer day

owen was goalie most of the game today. he did a good job for the most part, except when he wasn't paying attention. he like to play all of the positions. jule wanted to show off his batman sweatshirt, owen got it for him for his birthday. what a brother!

my happy 6 year old

jule made his wish then tried to tell us all. we had to stop him and tell him that wishes are secret.
we went to "the spot" for jules birthday. the kids love to go there because they have games and the adults like it because they have big tvs to watch sports on. the pizza is good also.

jule opened his presents and said thank you to everyone. he was excited to get some new toys to play with. he truly loves his birthday.