Saturday, June 6, 2009

alive and well.

we are working our butts off but we are alive and well. owen and jule are with me for the summer because their dad doesn't have help to watch them this year. ian is having a blast fishing and hiking daily and is also learning to shoot a few guns. owen and jule just completed kung fu camp and will attend tournament camp at the martial arts academy in a couple of weeks. they will go to a tournament in vegas the weekend after the camp. should be interesting. we have been working 7 days a week and will leave today (i am hopeing soon than later) to see jovi in ventura. i am really excited because it has been 5 years since i have seen her and have never met zion or liel. in other news, i have lost all of my excess weight now and am trying to become a bad ass mother. i am enjoying my core training class more that i thought i would and am thinking of starting some of the fighting classes as well. we will see if the times work out for my schedule. mike is going to wyoming at the end of the month to see his grandmother and mom and jazmin will be out this summer to visit.