Monday, January 25, 2010

a day at the park

jule doulgas is having a great time riding his bike and fishing with inez. he loves to be outside and active.

ian nesby had a great time fishing under the bridge, but was leary to play at the skatepark until he finally got bored enough to just do it. then he had fun also.

owen is happy to be anywhere and always has to come get some snuggle time in with mom.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


so one of my customers (the resturant) bounced a substantial check on us in november which we have given her ample oppurtunity to clear up with us and have gone out of our way to accomadate her. BUT, after the third lie and coming up with nothing but empty promises, i took mario and we went to parker to handle this in person yesterday. i thought it ended up to be nothing but a great lunch (we had hamburgers at the roadrunner on the river) since she was hiding from us, but turns out we made a ripple because there was money under the door when i came in this morning. i am feeling pretty good about it this morning.

Monday, January 18, 2010

i do not like men with clean, soft hands. i think men should be rugged and handy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

the versitility of peanut butter

so i am sitting here using a kit kat bar as a spoon on refrigerated peanut butter. i like this combination. after the gym last night i came home and had frozen chocolate chips on room temperature peanut butter which i though was wonderful, but wished the peanut butter was cold. i also like snickers bars dipped in peanut butter. toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are topping my lists of snacks i like as of late also. it has been years since that has sounded good. i only like my bananas and apples with peanut butter on them. i think peanut butter is quite possibly the best all-round snack out there. just so you know.

Monday, January 11, 2010

70 on a sunday

i took 4 boys to the park yesterday for the afternoon. ian elected to go to the movies with our neighbor which i think he regretted later (they saw alvin and the chipmunks), which when asked if he enjoyed it, he looked at me with an aggravated scowl and said "mom, like i said, it was alvin and the chipmunks." okay, now that we are through that................................owen, jule and marios kids christopher (3) and troy (turned 1 saturday) and i all hung out at the skate park for the day. we took scooters, bikes peanut butter and jelly sandwichs and cupcakes to celebrate troys birthday. aside from not being able to pee except when mario showed up to drop off baby wipes for me, we had a great time. it was 70 degrees (yeah, in january- totally rocks) and just beautiful out. no wind (the trademark of a desert winter), no clouds, just sunny and warm. the boys went non-stop on their scooters and bikes and had a blast. they had several friends there also which made for more fun for them. saturday they went to the park for a birthday party after martial arts and got to play all day also. they were really happy about having such a great weekend so the pressure is on for next weekend. i finished the pool house yesterday on my lists of gut it out and clean it. i did the storage room last week so now i am down to the workshop and laundry room. progress happens. i am the cleaning machine baby! marios lease was up on his apartment and so he is staying in the pool house until he can find a suitable place for he and the boys. in more important news, ian will be 13 in less than a month and owen 10. what the hell????????????? by the way, this, by no means, shows that i am getting old. it is scary.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a bit sore

i resumed my workouts monday after a full 7 days off with NOTHING. i feel much better but am not as strong on the right side of my pelvis as i was. the physical trainer said this is normal after an injury and it will get stronger again which is good news because i feel great and i am trying to get through the regular workouts but i found out i can't get my right leg up normally. i tripped over a bag jumping because it hit and running my stride on that side is not full. annoying, but it will turn around. i made it through two workouts monday and three yesterday. the boys brought their chess set last night and played which was really cool. they usually bring books, but it was nice to see the three of them getting along doing something. i love those short people. i think i will keep them. hahah.

Monday, January 4, 2010

its a new year

the boys came back home yesterday and are starting school today. it is a brand new year full of oppertunity and interest. i managed to gut the kids rooms while they were with their dad so they have a nice clean slate to start off with and i did our closet last night. this is very exciting for me because i love organization and clean. i have to conquor the storage room, laundry room and workshop next, but at least progress is being made. i am off doctors hold on my pelvis so back to the workout schedule today. i am looking foward to getting back to normal. we took over the other half of the building at work last week which is really good for us. we are growing despite the economic struggles of the last year and are quite busy although our compeditors are not. i do wish everyone was busy, but i am not complaining. we are working hard and have a positive outlook on the new year!