Saturday, December 29, 2007

christmas with us

Robin trying to make some happening music on dads accordian. it says cynthia on it so robin has deemed it to mean that she should totally rock it.
the cutest family ever. douglas and rachel with winston and coda
mike, jimee and jazmine happy and pretty
dad and patti getting dinner ready for us to enjoy
me rocking out love shack from the b-52s. you all wish you were half the performer i am.

Friday, December 28, 2007

back to work

i will post pictures later, jazmine is here and has our camera for the moment. jimee was here for a few days as well, but left with her mom. jazmine will be here until jan 5th which will be great to have an extended visit. mike and i miss them so much as we do not get to see them much. the boys are with their dad in morenci until jan 6th and mike and i are just working away. we hired a new employee 2 weeks ago. his name is josh, 20 years old, great worker. we are very happy to have him so far, he is a quick learner and likes to work so great combination.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

christmas comes early

i have been working my ass off the past week trying to get things done here then go home and make jackets. my boys are leaving this weekend for their dads house so we are having christmas on thursday (yes, tomorrow). i made the boys all jackets from cool fleece i got off ebay, pics will come after they unwrap them. i finished jules this morning so i am done with theirs. i still have 3 more to do for nikki, fabian and audencia by christmas. i also am going to finish liels quilt while i am all set up with the machines at home. wish me luck. so far, everything is coming out really nice. in other news, i finished the motor home upholstery i was working on at 9 last night so i am so happy about that and i got the last cupholder done for the boat i was scrounging around to finish.

Monday, December 17, 2007

how sad is this?

i am one peice short to finish my boat. i need a peice of vinyl 68 by 28. very sad. i pulled out 4 scrap rolls to finish and have gotten so lucky. i have completely impressed myself. oh-well. i will borrow it tomorrow and be done.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

yep, we totally rock

this boat was trashed and didn't have much seating when it came to us. we recarpeted, reupholstered and changed out the seating pattern in this boat. we made corner cushions, leanbacks and redesigned the console. we also built a bimini and cover to complete the transformation. it came out really nice. notice how all of my stripes line up and my welts.......... quality work baby.

mike brought me more roses from home. arn't they absolutly beautiful. i love the lavender ones because they are more unusual. i love them all.

the joys of mom's shop

owen and jule are at the age where work is such a fun and interesting thing. i hope they always feel that way, i do, but i am afraid that ian did not get this gene. these two are learning to destaple and are doing a great job for begginers. i am very proud of them.
owen found these eggs in a nest out back and thought it would be a great idea to bring them in and show me. we had to have a conversation about how birds won't come back and take care of them if they have been touched by someone. he felt badly, but was still thrilled that he found the eggs.

Monday, December 10, 2007

special time

i took the kids to the parade of lights under the bridge friday night and they got to sit on santas lap, see christmas lights all over the english village then i took them to mcdonalds to play on the playland equipment. (their choice for special time.) ian wanted to go to red robin so i told him that we would go alone sometime. he decided that needed to be yesterday. so, i cleaned the house, the yard and started straightening up around the place, then we headed off to clean my friends house (my part of the bargain for her helping me with everything) and ian did a great job of being pacient through all of that. we then headed off for red robin, a mess from cleaning all day, but dressed none the less and had some special time. he wanted an adult menu and took his time looking it over. he settled on a burger with cheddar cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce and onion rings, but needed to have mozerella sticks as well, so i let him. he had water and i had a diet pepsi. he was so happy and just talked and enjoyed his meal (no, i do not let him eat like that often). he actually did a great job eating and was really helpful in the grocery store after that. by the time we made it home, mike had already cooked dinner, fed owen and jule and hooked up our record player we bought in pismo beach 2 years ago. we found s receiver that would run it saturday (we tried several that wouldn't work). it was at the thrift shop next door to us. i am soooooooooooo happy that we can listen to our records again. i played elton john all evening and this morning. i can't wait to put on the kids records (yep, i have all of the ones from when i was little) and let them listen to them by the fire. good times.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

going home

i am listening to phil collins 'all of my life' right now, which is so wonderful. i am here by myself. have been for the last 3 hours. i am working on a cover i need to finish. so, i am taking advantage of that. i have been spinning cds that only i enjoy, Beausoliel, oh brother where art thou, bill monroe, big brother and the holding company, the nylons, cyndi lauper and eric clapton. i have had a wonderful time sewing and dancing and reminising. (sounds like a atlanta rythem section song).................. jovi, remember when we all went to see the nylons at the ventura theatre and they totally rocked??????????? the boys spent the day here with me. i totally love my kids. sounds terribly sappy, but when you have them you understand the feeling. sometimes you look at them and they are doing something totally normal and all you can think is how wonderful they are that they are doing it the same way you, or someone you are related to would do that same thing. one of my favorite things in life is watching my kids grow up. i hope everyone reading this has the same experience......................................

roses, boys and messes

mike brought me these yesterday from my front yard. they are so pretty. i love my rose bushes, i have 8 of them.
me doing bookwork catching up on invoices and billing........... i may consider doing my hair one day, or mabye not.
my mess. this is a what a busy shop looks like.
owen and jule are playing in their "fort" today under a boat awning on some seating waiting to be reupholstered.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

making happy doggies

Ahna thinks she is the same size as fred, or at least, wishes that she was. she loves to be held and beleives that she is a lap dog and that i can hold her while i am standing up (and often do). she really is a sweet doggie. we are really busy, which i am gratful for, and i just have a huge list of things to get done. we are finishing a HUGE project tomorrow. full boat redo, carpet, full woodwork (changing seating layout), upholstery , bimini (frame and canvas) and full cover. yeah for us, we are almost done.
fred sporting his new argyle sweater. he is very debonaire. bonnie from spencers carpet down the street (who we have been doing business with for nearly 5 years now) came in today and said that the doggies are cold. so, being the loving mother i am went to wal-mart and got them sweaters for under 5$ a peice (i am excited about that). they love them and seem to be happier. i did not know that doggies get cold. i thought they had fur to keep them warm...............

ahna is wearing the orangesiscle inspired sweater, which shows off the color of her fur beautifully. this is the rage with all of the orange colored doggies these days. he he.

Monday, December 3, 2007

social doggies

so saturday i had to go to the humane society to pick up fred. he thought it would be a good idea to go visiting down to big johns (2 businesses down and across a busy street). the customers that found him took him to the humane society which waved the fees for me since my dogs are registered and i have not had to do this before. so, fred the wanderer dog is in his kennel at home and ahna has been here by herself. so today, a good friend of ours pulls up yelling at ahna. i go out front and he had found her sitting in the middle of the street out front. so, now ahna is here, but on her chain and crying because she is tied up. now i am worried that i won't be able to trust them to stay here since they have gone out visiting. any ideas???????????

Saturday, December 1, 2007

a good job well done

mike did these chairs today. they are totally pattern-matched and turned out great. the customer was happy.
this is the last part of a 15 peice patio cushion set i did. it also is all pattern matched and looks great! took lots of fabric though matching the stripes! 24 yards to be exact. it is sunbrella and will last many years though. i like to do patio furniture.
i found this chair next door (at st. vincent de paul's thrift store) yesterday for 27.50. it was marked 55$, but they have 1/2 price sales when all of the voulenteers show up so i got a great bargain. it is solid, in great shape and i think it will be perfect to reupholster with some of my needlepoint when i finish something. until then, i will use it as is. i have been looking for a great rocking chair for years. this is the first i have found that is totally cool.

nice butt becka jean!

this is my butt in my rockies! yep, looking good babe! i could not get these buttoned 2 weeks ago without laying on the bed. today, no problem man! thank you to hydroxycut i have stopped eating continually throughout the day. mom gave it to me last weekend and this week alone i can tell the difference, and get jeans on. yeah for me, and all of those who can see my rearend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!