Saturday, April 25, 2009

some more pics

here are a few more pics from the 41 ford we were doing. it went home yeserday finally. yeah. the customer was very happy and is fabricating his finish work himself. it was a fun little project (okay, not so little project). we are busy and i am tired. i quit drinking monday and am hoping to be skinny again soon. my core training/fighting class is fun and kicks my ass so that is good too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

in and about the life of becka main

so as you all know, i am perfect. okay, really, i can try. i was so sick yesterday i wanted to die. i woke up throwing up and with diarreah, and had to go to referrals (be there by 6:30 am) and take ian to school since he left his backback at the shop. so, i did. i was sick all day and had to sew the top for the konkiki boat (a commercial boat under the bridge for tourists) so it could be lauched again and could not go home sick. i finally got done about quarter to 5 and went home, got in bed and did not move until 7:15 this morning. i am paying for it today, but i was not functioning at full force yesterday. i did, however, sew an entire jeep interior today which just left because i was supposed to do it yesterday too. i have so much to do, so many jobs. i am not complaining, by any means, i just get so behind when i get sick. i have to figure that out. i have started core training classes at the boys martial arts studio and am getting addicted to it. we are learnign some fighting which i didn't think i would like, but am loving. so, hard body, here i come. sorry for the lack of blogs of late, just crazy busy and unable to keep up with life! love you all,

some new pics for you

so i went for a pedicure and they talked me into nails (which they have been trying to for a couple of years now and i tell them no). well, they won. and, i am so happy they did because i love them and have had them for a week now, and it has been a great trial week (lots of injuries) and they are wonderful. i now have girl hands. yeah for me.

mary ann brought mike an easter basket because she is sooooooo cool. we love her. mike aaprciates easter baskets more than kids do.
jule was in a school play they sang songs about being friends. jule LOVES to perform. it was fun to watch.

ian and owen at jules school play. they are about like the picture. crazy boys.