Monday, March 30, 2009


harrison looking cool in his glasses.........

me in my new glasses (totally harrison inspired)
my shoes to prove i was was a theme throughout the trip...

amber in her new place. it is the first time she moved without me helping her in years. it was really strange to go in and see it all put together alredy! good job amber.

the hotties of fullerton. amber and sarah were the hit of the club. EVERYONE was hitting on them. i was just the too tall friend as usual. i even wore flats damnit, but i didn't dress up too much, didn't bring much with me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


so jule douglas (and all of my boys, really) are like me and don't give a crap about what they wear or if it is fashionable (except owen, who does care but his idea of fashionable is askewed) so they put on whatever they want and i don't care as long at it is clean. (which is a battle by they way.) so, jule gets dressed the other day in his black and grey striped polo style shirt, blue basketball shorts and orange and black striped knee-high socks scrunched down with his running shoes. i said " are you sure you want to wear those shorts with that shirt?" and he asked why which i explained to him that his shorts didn't match and he informed me that they did and i said that jean shorts would be a better choice to which he replied "mom, i don't have any striped shorts!" so, i thought it best to leave it at that and be happy that he doesn't own striped shorts.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

my new jeep

the orange jeep i posted some pics of the uphostery earlier, but here is an overall shot. it is getting lots of attention. mike carpeted it (which was tons of work, we had to insulate it also) and i upholstered the seats and did the visors and boots around the shifters. it went towards the yelllow one which i am now driving as of last night. i love it! we are painting it mainstitch blue and adding my needle and thread and i am doing the seats . i will post before and afters. there is no cancer in this jeep, the top adn doors come all the way off (which they will very soon) and it has a lift kit and brand new tires already on it. i also have a new windsheild but won't put that on until we paint it. i am very excited and so are my boys. they get to climb in and out of the bac k seat through the back.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

another day gone.

so i have been really stressed out lately with my new court date of today coming up. terry was trying to attach to my bank account, and i had to go produce paperwork and whatnot this afternoon. i had referrals this morning (had a board meeting tuesday morning) have lots of membership business to attend to ((i am the membership chairperson)) and i have not had time to prepare since i have been trying to get work done here and get paperwork together for court today. i also had several jobs due out and orders to make today, which i did sucessfully, and then a parent/teacher conference with ians teachers (all 6 of them and it feels like a court trial every time) at 1:40 followed by court at 3:00 with my arch enemy. the day just kept elevating with obsticals all of which i jumped and cleared with no deductions, but my stomach suffered immensley. the conference with ians teachers was interesting, because all of them understand the issue, but none of them wanted to address it. ian has been getting physcially assaulted in class most of this quarter by a kid who is now expelled because of his abuse, and his grades have gone down to b's and 2 c's because he has not turned in some of his work (which he has done and left at home). he has been more concerned about whether or not he will get hit at school or made fun of rather than his work since that comes easily for him. the teachers were not expecting me to call them on what goes on in their classrooms. ian tells me everything, including what he has done. anyway, the conference went very well and i think the teachers will be a little more observant of their classrooms and then court, well, that is a twelve page story, but it ends with the judge walking out and saying to terry "the court will not be a part of this". she cannot attach to my bank account and will have to figure out how to do anything now without the help of the court. she finally showed her true colors, and i can drink without worry for the first time in months.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

the joys of march in havasu

the boys climbing all over friendly island. this is a great place for camping or day trips.

owens turn to drive! he loved this.
ian nesby brought us back in to the no wake zone, a very big boy thing to do. our friend jeff really made the boys feel welcome on his boat.

mike in his element.

me saturday night. we went out with mario and heather. i danced all night long. sunday we went boating on jeff and taras boat (which is really cool) and had a great time. being out on the lake is soooo my favorite thing to do. the boys love it to. it is so relaxing out there. i can unwind and just hang out for a bit.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

what i've been up to.

this is a double bimini that i made wendsday. it is silver with a mediterrean tweed stripe. what sets mine apart from others? mine are all french seamed so there are no raw edges and all of my sleeves are striped so that the look is clean and fresh. most people put solid sleeves on patterned biminis because it is much easier.
this is a jeep that mike carpeted and i did the seats and boots in to make partial payment on the jeep i am getting. the owner of the lot is happy with the outcome. the interior looks bitchin.

me scaling a ledge to install these screens. i spent most of the time on the ladder trying not to fall off because it was a bitch to access these fence sections. the owner of the home is really excited about some privacy now and the screens really make the yard perk up. i will not be this white next month. it is time to get in the sun.

a few pics for your curiousity.

owen and jule love to do the home depot projects and todays was a race track with cars to build, so they thought that was the best thing ever. they have been playing with them most of the day.

jule douglas making his "special sandwich" . he cracks me up. he puts on bologna, relish, green onion, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and sometimes ketchup. he is very serious about it and loves to sit and eat this creation.
for amber to fix.

another view for amber.... pretend it is summer and my skin looks better.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i was an idiot.

so i posted pics yesterday and i don't know what the deal was, but the computer won. so, sorry for lack of narative. i had a good trip to louisiana, although very tiring. papaw died in my arms which is uncompromisingly amazing and i got to see lots of family that i haven't gotten to see in a long time. robin and aaron were wonderful to travel with (it is 5 hours between new orleans and shreveport). we listened to several xm stations and rocked out to 80s greats and 90s fun stuff. we ate at crabby jacks in new orleans, had a kick ass shrimp po-boy and got to walk through the french market. so it is crazy to be back and into the swing of things again. love you all.