Sunday, February 22, 2009

a days of my life.......

bear and sheba chillin out back. they are good kids, they like lots of love.
romo trying to retreive the fuzz out of the pool that he put there
he is a crazy dog and jumps on me all the time. he came to wake me up on the couch this morning and jumped right on me and stood there like it was my problem that i wasn't comfortable.

ians new retainers. he can only take them out to brush. he is starting to get used to them a bit. he was in pain most of last week.

jule bug thinking that he is the king of the upholstery shop. he talked me out of a dollar to get some chips from the liquor store up the street and tried to talk the guys next door into giving him a car in exchange for him picking up their parking lot. i hope he wins that battle someday!

heather getting some motavation out of the refigerator. they keep wine in here for me so when i come over we are all set. heather is marios girlfriend (christophers mom).

christopher turns 3

daddy at the end of the night double fisting. gotta love that coors light.
mike explaining to christopher that he has to add another finger now since he is a big boy.

everybody wants to play with the bubble wand.

these are the boys from the shop, i deal with these 3 all day long. can you tell how much trouble they are together???

christophers new bike. he is rockin cool.

Friday, February 20, 2009

my camera battery is dead.

i will buy a new battery tonight, but no pics for today. we got quite a bit of work out this week which is great. my last boat customer tonight was awsome- he came in with a huge basket of chocolates and beer for mike. i had his name in my head wrong for the whole last month though so i am a big dork (nothing new here) and was embarrassed about that. he was happy with the job though (it did turn out really nice). it has been another crazy week of ups and downs but i am handling it better. i went to the doctor yesterday to get refills on my hormones so that i won't be caught without any due to lack of effort on my part. i feel so incredible physically since i have been taking them. i have dropped two pants sizes (i am an 8 now) but gained 2 pounds. i am 162 at the moment which is huge to me, but i am not going to worry about the weight as long as i look good and feel good. i have some pics of ian with his retainers to post- jovi- didn't mean to make you feel left out..... ian has really been feeling self-concious about his mouth because his teeth have huge gaps between them and he has an overbite. it looks like his teeth are too big for his mouth. we wanted to start braces, but he still has 12 baby teeth so we had to do the double retainer thing for the next couple of years. he has blocks on them so that he can't move his jaw back to correct his overbite and the wires to bring the teeth back in. he is a tounge thruster so we are having to reteach him how to swallow with his tounge placed on the roof of his mouth instead of against his teeth pushing them out. he knows that the benefits will outweigh the pain and annoyance of them. owen and jule will most likely have them too, although their teeth are not like ians. i have mounds of patio furniture to sew up and some car seats to get out, but i am hoping for the next wave of boats to drop off. i am down to two today. we got 4 out this week. wish us luck!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

saturday at the shop

we were expecting rain today and it turned out to be pretty nice out actually. ian made himself a crocodile skin vest (vinyl print) by himself. he sat out here with his needle and thread and designed and stitched it up himself. ian took a picture of romo and i so rachel would be happy. she has been requesting photos of me and other than jule, noone ever really takes any, so here ya go rach. ian gets his retainers on tuesday so he is really excited. he will be wearing them for the next couple of years. i found 200$ in my pocket this morning (in the green shirt i have on in the picture). i was so happy. i could have used that last week to buy groceries, but i used it towards rent for the shop today. it was such a great surprise. i also got chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite thing in life) from mike for valentines day and a card (first time hes done anything in the last 6 years) so i nearly fell over and died with shock. so all in all today was interesting and went well. ian and i are off to the grocery store now since i can actually buy them now. yeah for money!

Friday, February 13, 2009

from jules camera

jule took these pictures with his camera. he is so proud to have his own that he bought himself. i am his favorite subject. so, here is me through the eyes of jule douglas. as far as the week, my car had serious issues, i lost my wallet in a cab, got served by the constable because terry is trying to attach to my bank account, had rain to deal with at work, which puts us really behind, my credit cards didn't hit my account on time so i tried to by groceries thinking i had money, and i didn't so i had to put the groceries back (very embarassing). the list goes on and on, but i am turning it around. we have gotten some more projects out despite the weather (different ones), the payments finally hit the bank, i 1099ed terry for the money she stole (this makes me feel better about it), wrote a letter offering her my van or 25$ a month payments against the court judgement, and scraped for food all week, and came up with enough meals to get us by. so, all in all, i just need to fight the circumstances cause i can kick ass when i want to, i just got overwhelmed and didn't feel like fighting. so, i am over it now and back to the lean, mean fighting machine.

Monday, February 9, 2009

im depressed. ill post when im not.